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“Se cometieron errores”

“Se cometieron errores.” Es un intento de apaciguar, aproximándose a una disculpa sin reconocer culpa, como si los errores no tuvieran historial ni autores ni consecuencias. Pero sí los hay, y muchos.

Progressive Views: “Mistakes Were Made”

“Mistakes were made”: it’s an attempt to appease, approximating an apology without recognizing fault, as though the mistakes had neither a past, nor sources, nor consequences. But they have a long list of them.

Progressive Views: Green New Deal: Solving Serious Problems

The Green New Deal is a proposal for saving us from a dead planet (the climate emergency) but with much, much more. It’s a framework for developing legislation and projects to solve some serious problems facing our nation and the world.

Progressive Views: Better Gun Control

The use of automatic weapons by criminals, gangs, hate groups, and irresponsible individuals in America is out of control. As a Retired Command Sergeant-Major and former “Tanker,” I am also familiar with what all these weapons can do in the hands of the wrong people.

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