2018 Election Results

Thanks to all the awesome Kendall County Democrats who worked so hard to make a difference. Kendall County and the Hill Country is changing and the County Democratic Parties across the region we have tilled the soil and planted the seeds that are generating new growth of progressive, independent, and Democratic values. Throughout the Hill Country more people voted for Democratic candidates than ever. We are on the forefront of a generational change.

Do not doubt that change is reflected in the election results.​ The 2018 General Election did not deliver the explosive moment that we hoped for but like new spring sprouts, they are present if you look. Study this map to see the net result of votes across Texas and the Hill Country.

Graphic: how counties shifted from '16

That’s a lot of Hill Country blue and Kendall County went from red to light blue demonstrating increased Democratic turnout. Certainly there is a demographic shift occurring propelled by more progressive, diverse, and Democratic leaning people moving into the area. These results also illustrate a shift away from the outrageous policies of the Trump administration and a shift towards progressive values. So, change is happening but consider this — change does not just happen. It must be cultivated and encouraged. We’ve done that together and the map shows the results. WE MUST DO MORE AND WITH YOUR HELP WE WILL!